#Ifchic24, handbags galore!

If you follow my Instagram you may have seen my post of my goodies from Ifchic. Ifchic24 rolled around again and I got a few things off my wishlist. I even got a gift from the hubby. YAY! I got two bags by Mohzy and a Kye shirt. I am loving the items a lot! And I couldn’t wait to show them off! The bags are the star of this post. The shirt I have a special place I want take pictures of that in or at. Either.


I got two Mohzy bags, one was from the hubby as a gift(the green one) and the other was from some left over coins. Yes! We like that! Mohzy was created in 2010 by two very talented designers, who wanted to create something playful, simple , and smart!  You can check out their site here .  I am really liking the bags!


I love how vibrant and colorful these two goodies are. The tech case is very thickly lined and perfect for keeping your tech safe. OR just use it as a clutch as I will since my iPad Air wont fit.


It is a metallic blue with a bit of a holographic feel to it. Very techy. Very cool.


This is the second bag, my gift! It is all about the mini bag this season(WE shall see how long I last with this) my hubby makes fun of my ” Mary Poppins” bags. So, I picked out this small cute bag by Mohzy.


It is a clear purse with a inside that comes out.


It is prettier than the picture on ifchic shows.


This is the inner bag. It is all vinyl and easy to clean! YAY!


The chain is not removable. But that is ok.

What do you think of the bags? Have you heard of Mohzy before?



  • milex September 30, 2015 at 2:54 PM

    • Stephanie September 30, 2015 at 2:58 PM

      Thanks Milex!!! 🙂


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