Happy Thursday!

It is my hubby and mine 5yr anniversary. Although we have been together 13 years. He got me a gift to satisfy the dork in me, the extended version of the hobbit. Weeeeeee!
It is just great and I am excited about that.


So, I also got my new Avon Quad shadow in as well as my other makeup goodies. And a beautiful Mark dress, that I will post pictures of later this weekend. And yes, I still need to post a review of Assasin’s Creed pirates. That is a work in progress in between diaper changes and other nonsense.

The eye shadow is great and I love it. Lots of pigments! So, if you are concerned about it being shear, it isn’t.

It is really good stuff. True color shadow in glow teal 690-005.

So, today I tried to get a selfie of myself with the new shadow and holy crap my allergies went kaboom the minute I went outside. Oh no.
But, I managed.


1.true color shadow. In glow teal. 690 005. 2.) super drama waterproof mascara. 383- 533 3.) glimmer sticks in blackest night 511-340 4.) ultra color absolute lipstick in pink renewal 136-009 . I also used the ultra lasting liquid foundation. You can get everything here free direct shipping on orders $35 and up.

I also found some new clothes I want. Which is also something I pinned on Pinterest. I can not wait. 🙂

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