Happy Thanksgiving!!!

happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all have a great day!!!! Me? I am watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade as I do every year. I love those traditions. THe floats are always so much fun to watch. I wish I could be there. For today’s post I am going to post 5 things. I would show my Turkey day outfit, but since I have been bedridden with a little child(we both have the plague nasties..aka flu) I have no outfit to show.


Here are 7 things about me. 7 is a lucky number

7. I love snow and cold weather. No wonder I embrace the whole “elsa” thing.

6. I am a massive video game playing Anime enthusiast. When I can that is. I still haven’t beat Skryim, The Evil within, Tomb Raider, Shadow of Mordor, and now Mad Max.

5. I am terrified of spiders.  Really terrified of them. If one was in my shoe I would burn the shoe. I am not kidding.

4. I have Christmas OCD. I have been known to get up in the middle of the night to redecorate the Christmas tree, because God forbid two similar ornaments be near each other.

3. I read dictionaries for fun. I am a nerd. And love learning. I used to when I was little read all of my mother’s old World books and such. I was obsessed with Encarta back in the day. I currently read the Tolkien dictionary. Weird I know but I love it.

2.  I finally learned photoshop. My first edit? This here

The new Christmas Elf.

Yeah. I got tired of seeing all those darned Facebook posts about the “red cup” SO this was my response. Credit goes to whoever took the original pic and Starbucks for the cup. I love Starbucks. Drinking some right now. I forced my hubby to teach me photoshop just for this.

  1. I cook and bake to show my love and care for people. So when I make something and I give it to someone it means a lot. It is one of the ways I show I care. I love doing it. I love baking cookies for friends and or making their fave food.


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