Hair curling hack? Confirmed or busted.

If you are like me and spend a majority of your time on Pinterest, then at one point or another you probably have come across a post about lazy girl hair hacks.

The one in question today is putting your hair up in a pony tail and curling it that way.


You will then curl in sections. Like you see. When  I first tried this I didn’t space it enough, I made my pieces too big.


If I had more time to do my hair I would have done a better job with the curling iron. But, I had to keep stopping because of a little boy getting into mischief.


So, as you can see it will start to look like this.



I will have to say that this hack is a pass. If I didn’t rush and took my time just a bit more, I didn’t do my all of my pony tail, I would have more curls. The thing too is after the pony tail holder is removed you want to use hairspray to set the curls. And a nice shine spray too.  This was just a quick 5-10 minutes worth of effort.


I had no makeup on either, today is a makeup free kind of day. We all need at least one of those once in awhile.


  • Nicole Aguinaldo December 4, 2014 at 4:09 AM

    I am guilty of being lazy when it comes to styling my hair and end up spending far too much to get it done at the salon. That’s why I’m always open to easy styling ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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    • Stephanie December 4, 2014 at 5:27 AM

      Me too. I end up usually with it in a pony tail. Or crazy hair. I end up straightening it. But this was a great way to curl and get volume. I’m looking for another pinterest hair hack to try. 😀


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