Game time; Plants Vs Zombies 2.

It is out and I can get it on my tablet!


Ahhh Pvz2, I have been waiting on this for a long time. I downloaded it as soon as I could. Playing it is a lot like the original, but there have been changes. The graphics are better, but there is an Angry bird feel too it. You get stars? There is a lot of new things so far, instead of just your normal back yard there is other worlds. You have to move through a map much like Candy Crush and you go back through time looking for Crazy Al’s taco.  Really?


See different worlds. I don’t mind the newer game play so far, but my hubby begs to differ. He is not sure if he likes it.  I guess the company EA, wants to keep it fresh. That’s right it is no longer just a Popcap game. PvsZ2 is now an EA game. So, far there has not been many new plants,except I came across the boomerang plant. Also, came in contact with a sun stealing pharaoh. Wow.


You can give your plants the plant food and they get super powers! Which comes in handy! There is more for me to discover, can not wait!

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