Funny Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! What a fabulous and COLD day it is! I am sitting in the warmth of my house in a pull over sweater and not wanting to ever leave it. I had to venture out this morning and yeah, Ice.


SO, these were the boots I was wearing today until my little guy decided mom should wear the red ones. With socks on. Um..


Yeah, such a fashion statement. I tried to take the socks off and he got upset. He is having another rough day. We have had to numb the mouth a bit today. I can not wait for teething to be over. Seriously. I can not wait. Poor boy and poor mama.


And it wouldn’t be some kind of funny Friday without some sort of LOTR meme or Hobbit Meme . I still haven’t seen the last movie..what is wrong with me?! That coffee by the way is delicious.

My life right now with the Battle of The Five Armies.

My life right now with the Battle of The Five Armies.

I am also working on some of next weeks blog post ideas.  Today, I should be cleaning but instead I painted my nails and read Vogue.  Hey, it is Friday.



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