Femmeluxe finery try on haul. Let’s keep this real.

OK, So as you know I get a lot of things from Femmeluxe Finery. And generally I am pretty please with what I get. But there are some things that when you get them you are left with a WTF moment. As you know me, here on this gloriously glamorous blog of mine. I like to be honest about products. Whether these products are clothes or beauty related. I am and will be brutally honest. And with anything I list good and bad. It is usually never just bad. And being with a more trying on approach, I figured taking pictures in my mirror was a good idea to show real time un-edited photos. (I did mess with lighting)  I wanted an old school blogger feel here for the try on of loungewear set, black dress, white dress, and lace bodysuit..and ps. sorry that there is a smudge on the mirror, the baby pushed his face on the mirror before this.

Let me get started with a fail of an outfit. This khaki green loungewear set. I got it in a size 10 and the pants fit pretty good, they are soft and warm. Perfect for cool fall days and I can not wait to wear them with my thermal sweaters. But..and this is a big BUT! The sleeves are a freaking joke! I felt like I was making my arms into sausages. The sleeves did not want to go on my arms properly. Hence the thumbs down. The pants in this loungewear set are fabulous the matching cropped sweater is not.  Unless you weigh 90lbs that is, then maybe.

Moving on to the lace body suit. Femmeluxe has a lot of lace bodysuits to choose from, and this one reminded me of the Free people bralette that I can never in my life fit into! * I hate having big boobs.And want a reduction…I am being serious here.*
Anyways, I saw this and loved it. And then it was delivered and I tried it on. The size is a medium and it fits pretty well, I am a bit bloated thanks to mother nature calling, but over all it is alright. The body suit is cute and I styled it for this try on with the joggers from the 2 piece set . It looks cute, and makes me realized I need to exercise a bit more. But you know, needed to do that anyways.

The white cowlneck midi dress. This is a body con dress, no zipper. You slip into this dress. And I do love the design, I feel like the arms maybe droop a bit more than the photos of the original. Still this dress is beautiful, heavy, and is (most importantly) LINED! It is lined my friends, Hallelujah it is lined! I got this dress in a size 10. And it is snug yes, it is bodycon, and is supposed to be. This dress is sexy AF and yes I reccomend!

Finally a little black midi dress that is so fun and super sexy! Without being overly so. Just going to need some shape wear. Because although it is a thicker made dress, it is one that shows lumps and bumps. I do love the bow detail and that is what really sold me on this one. It gives the dress that bit of cuteness, and also it comes in white. Would make a good bridal shower dress. I got this also in a size 10 and it hits below the knee.  I wish the size 12/14 was available for this one. Size up if you can.

Over all I am happy with everything. Ok, except the loungewear. If they can actually fix the sizing issues with arms and thighs(this is a problem actually with the loungewear pants.) then it will be amazing. As well as offer larger sizes. And by the way, Femmeluxe Finery also sells shoes and bags! check out their combat boots!

Thanks for reading.


This post was sponsored by Femmeluxe finery, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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