Femmeluxe Finery crop tops and cargo pants.

Well right now my house is a mess and rather than show a mirror pic with my Femmeluxe Finery Crop top and cargo pants I decided to use some photo editing and make it seem like the mirror pic is elsewhere! Trust me it is better this way! You do not want to see the mess that my house is right now. I mean it is always bit of a mess, I have kids, but this is renovation mess. TOOLS everywhere and it is just a bit overwhelming for me . So I turn to some retail therapy to get me through when I have a gap with my actual therapy! #dontjudge I love ordering from Femmeluxe and while shipping may take a little bit longer thanks to a pandemic the clothes and affordable prices make up for it!
The pants I got in are a size 14 US and they are slightly too loose, however I think the 12 would be too tight. The pants tend to run small so I would go up on size to play it safe! The tops are a large and fit perfectly!

I normally do not show the tum. I am not happy with my physical appearance right now. I want to get into shape for my health . Physical and mental health that is. It is hard though. So hard!
Luckily Femmeluxe finery also has a lot of T shirts ,joggers, and loungewear to choose from. Perfect for those comfy lazy days. And of course if you are looking at the joggers and loungewear size up! Especially for pants! That is some advice worth knowing!

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  • Susanne May 20, 2020 at 10:29 AM

    Hi Stephanie, the crop tops look amazing. Super for spring and summer time!


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