Syled a band tee with sequin pants. one piece of clothing did not live up. Which one?

Feeling Floored.My Ripped sequined pants.

Syled a band tee with sequin pants. one piece of clothing did not live up. Which one?If someone had told me yesterday that my day would consist of one thing after another tumbling down and making a mess of my day I would have not have gotten out of bed with my little. I would have said, OK family back to bed, we are staying in! Of course If I did that my little would not have gotten his antibiotics and he would be sicker today than yesterday. I got my son to his appointment to find out they are out of vaccines still, in Florida since IRMA hit a lot of offices were without power. And the vaccines need to be kept cold so a lot of pediatric offices are without right now. I am sure they will have them soon. When asked if I wanted to keep his appointment, I said yes. I told the staff about his sniffles and out of character behavior. Turns out mama intuition was right. Listen even if your little can not talk much they have other ways to talk. One being reaction and interaction. Also taking queues from certain things, like my little coming to bed(our bed) crying. Normally he just comes in says some jibberish and then gets in the bed after shutting the door. He came in and was crying and then one night had a melt down. Something was wrong. Turns out he has an ear infection and sinus infection. So, antibiotics and ear drops it is. And medicine for his allergies, which started the whole thing.

That was one part of my day, then later as I was getting out of the car I hear a RIIIIIPPPPP. MY new Sequin pants from ROSEGAL ripped. And ripped pretty darn easily. Not happy, and not easy to fix this kind of tear in the area it ripped. I love these pants too, although they were a little uncomfortable towards the end. So, I only got two pictures of this silly freaking outfit.

Syled a band tee with sequin pants. one piece of clothing did not live up. Which one?

Top: Hot Topic // Sequin pants C/o Rosegal// shoes:Target// pumpkin TARGET//Sunglasses Asos 

I want  another shot at taking pictures of this outfit, but I cant now. The pants just are done. I am good at sewing but they will tear again. As a blogger I often get pieces sent to me from companies to review and try on and make outfits of yadda yadda. These pants were some of them, along with a red dress that does not fit. Pregnant, so it may after baby. But, I have some criticism of the dress design still even if I can not wear it right. You will love it friends. Honest review time. So, as far as these pants are concerned. They are “one size fits all” NO. No they are not. If you are bigger than a size small, they will rip on you too. If you have any weight(can not think of how to word that) then they will be tight. They were stretchy, but to a point. Would I recommend these? Well, if you are a size S or smaller with a petite frame yes. And yeah, I know it is a company from China so things are smaller. I get it, and I always keep it in mind. The other item I got was a cute sweater dress that is off shoulder or one shoulder and it fits beautifully. OH it is cute! This sweater from ROSEGAL puts me right in the damned Halloween spirit faster than Rick can use a portal gun. That is fast.

Now the tee, the Asos glasses, the shoes, and the pumpkin are things I would 100% recommend! Because I love them! This BUSH tee speaks to me, it depicts Gavin Rossdale on the ground with a microphone screaming actually he is singing but it looks like he is screaming. And after the embarrassing day I had, it was appropriate to the situation. I will get another pair of sequin pants, but this time will be from Express, Asos(if they have), or H&M (if they have)

I just want to lay down on the ground too man.


leggings provided by rosegal for review. all opinions are my own this post contains affiliate links


  • Cindy October 8, 2017 at 1:37 PM

    No way! I would have been so disappointed. I hate it when that happens. You wear something one time and it rips or gets damaged and you can’t wear it again. It’s the worst. but hey! They looked really cute on you! ☺️

    • Stephanie October 8, 2017 at 1:48 PM

      Yeah, it is the worst! I am going to go to Express and get a new pair just up a size or two.


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