sea life oralndo

Family funtime! Sea life Orlando.

sea life oralndo

If you ever get to Orlando Florida and need something to do on say a rainy day check out the Sea Life Aquarium out by the Orlando Eye and Madame Tussauds.  There are some shops and eateries near by as well. We decided to take the little there since he absolutely loves “fissies” and “Shawks”

Tickets are available for purchase online as well as at the entry. And for the record it is best to go EARLY. The place opens at 10AM. SO if you have a little with Sensory issues like mine has get there early and avoid the crowds.

seal life ORLANDOWhen you get in you are greated by some awesome and friendly staff who take your picture and then you are sent on your merry way to begin the “journey” . You know you spend too much time at Universal when you stand in the round room with the aquarium and are waiting for the doors to open on their own for the “adventure” to begin. We stood there for a while like what now? Um, it is not like Universal or Sea World.

Dorks….the lot of us. All the pictures were blurry one of us looking around like when do the doors open? Soon we figured it out and went on.

We saw fishies immediately and got some great pictures of the Jellies.

There is a great amount of aquariums and multiple sea creatures to look at! And there is a 360 tunnel to see fish!


SO, How to survive with a little.

Since my little is ASD, this place was great for him, when the sound level was lower and people didn’t start to pack in like sardines. So how did we handle the situation? Well that backpack is one way. Yes we got the backpack with the tether. Our son will run off and unlike other children he wont acknowledge his name. Most of the time he didn’t need the tether except on a few occasions. He wants to run and explore and we want to make sure he is safe. HE is getting too big for his stroller and where is the fun in always being in one of those? He likes this one because it holds his dinosaur George and his sippy cups. It also is insulated so can be a mini cooler for the little. This pack is a game changer for us. We got it on Amazon.

The sensory part, he got over stimulated towards the end and it was time to go. We pretty much know when it is time to leave when he starts ttrying to find his way out of places, So we go with the flow. With kids like this it is good to push the boundaries a little but not overly, since one time of horror will bring years of anguish.(looking at you peas!)

Now this aquarium is very interactive which is great for kids and adults alike. There are rock pools which my son LOVED! Of course I was too busy taking pictures. #momlife

Sorry for blurry pics, my little sometimes makes it hard to take them clearly. lol.


It was a lot of fun!

Sealife is located on Idrive in Orlando FL

SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium
8449 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

Ticket can be purchased ahead of time FL residents get a special rate, kld 3 and under are free.

To get tickets online



This is not a sponsored post.


  • Molly March 19, 2017 at 5:54 AM

    Thank you for the fantastic review and all the great pics! I’ll definitely have to check it out! And I love the fact that your cute romper made an appearance. 🙂

    • Stephanie March 19, 2017 at 7:56 AM

      Thanks molly!!! 🙂 it was so much fun!!


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