Every body is a bikini body,Escape Swimwear.

Hello there friends and I hope you are having a happy social distancing time. You know you have seen it on social media, everyone is still mostly at home and are finding the most creative ways to have summer fun while being stuck at home. And so what can be a better way to do that than with a new inflatable pool. Everyone on social media is getting inflatable pools and pool toys for their backyards to have some colorful fun. And hey with all that fun, you need a new swimsuit right?

But, Stephanie , you say to me, what if I don’t have a “bikini body” ? Well, you have a body, put on the bikini. Bam, you have a bikini body.

Let me tell you a story, after having my son, my second son, I have had more trouble “bouncing back” . I feel like my body is not my own. I feel bleh in my own skin a lot. I am a recovering anorexic. A thing I hid from my family all my teen and early adult life from family, btw. I did not feel like I could wear a swimsuit let alone a bikini . I still don’t. But, this suit by Escape Swimwear (shop here, I am wearing a size large)makes me feel a little different. I feel more confident. And on their site and social I saw more women like me, like us. Like you and I , wearing suits that for so long we would be chastised and ridiculed for wearing. Because we were not a Victoria Secret model or Hawaiian Tropic model(remember them?) . Here wear this baggy tank Tini and or this suit with all the ruffles to hide the “fluff” . No! Put that bagtini away into the garbage and love yourself!

Ladies, you are sexy hot mamas, no matter what size and every body is a bikini body. And that, is why I really love Escape Swimwear. Because they truly believe that every body is a bikini body. And they are inclusive, which is really important. And as someone who is being more conscientious when shopping that means a lot!
People are really looking more at how companies show their inclusive business model. By having different ethnicities and bodies. What does a company stand for? Those things are important more now than ever!

Shop Escape swimwear here! Shop my suit here , I am wearing a size large, for reference. I felt the bottoms were still a bit tight, but that could just also be me. Also, before you leave check out some of my picks from Escape swimwear!

Aviana one piece
Coco set black
Rachel suit in pink
Astrid one piece black.

“This post was in collaboration with Escape swimwear, suit provided for review. All opinions are 100% my own. “


  • Kim M June 25, 2020 at 2:15 PM

    Omg you look absolutely STUNNING in that suit love!

  • Molly June 26, 2020 at 3:40 PM

    This is a very brave post, Stephanie. Thank you so much for sharing. And I love that bikini! The color is so vibrant that it looks like it was photoshopped. lol It looks great on you too! So chic!!!

    • Stephanie September 13, 2020 at 10:51 AM

      Thank you molly! It is a cute suit!


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