Ebay, yeah still going.

Yes, Chippey’s Shoppe is still up and running on ebay. I did let it tinker off a bit though. Sales started dropping and the COACH bags I had listed never sold. So, I took them off of the shop shelves(figuratively) and kept them for me. I got discouraged and just let the stock go below 20 items. Even though I had the items to list, I just stopped caring. That was a big mistake. We need me to keep my business; no matter how small going. My shop has kept us afloat when nothing else did. SO, I can not let it die.

While talking to a dear friend of mine; she was telling me about how this guy she knows was making oodles of money on ebay. I asked how. She said he told her she needs to do BUY IT NOW and list 500+ items. OK, easy if you have the time and the stock. I sighed a bunch and then we started talking about with our schedules it is not feesable. But, I listed in a couple of hours throughout the day 50+ items. I have at least 500 to list. No joking. Between old video games and anime I no longer watch, paired with baby clothes and stuff that is just sitting around; we could really cash in. He also charges shipping and has high prices, but does a sale every couple of days. I am not ready for that but I can do the other stuff.

Right now I am testing the waters with getting to at least 100 items. And there may be some truth to his tactic. Once I got more that 40 items in que, I got a jump in views. Why? Perhaps it puts you in a higher que and towards the top. Let’s be honest, people generally do not look past page two. I am going to continue to list items and get everything that I can sell, sold. Hey, I have bills to pay too. And I feel like I really help hubby out with this. Besides couponing and raising the little man, oh and cleaning, this is my JOB. No, I tell a lie. It isn’t a job, it is my business.

So, what is new at Chippey’s  Shoppe? You know odds and ends. Take a look.

Just Fabulous hot pink stiletto, patent leather. Scrumptious! Size 7


Lemax brand new unopened The good SHepherd

Gymboree baby boy tee, 3-6 months adorable and preowned.

This is something we are proud of a new factory sealed Armtige lunch box.

Armitage III, lunch box comes with DVD and figurine, as well as lunchbox!

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