Diary of a cowgirl .

Ok, so there has been a song that has been haunting me more than tossing a coin to my Witcher.
oh valley of plenty…oh valley of plenty…

It was a song that blasted all over the radio where I lived growing up and going through my grunge and punk phase. I mean you could not walk through a Gadzooks (remember them?) Without hearing it.

The song was Diary of a cowgirl.

My friends at the time hated it, mostly. But, me I secretly loved it’s catchiness. The fun vibes and I secretly listened to it on high when alone when it would come on the radio. To avoid hearing the comments from so called friends.
This was the time of vinyl pants, Clueless, and Delias and the Rave.
Fashion was going through a wtf moment .

Michael Kors Reversible Black/Tan Belt Two Tone Mk Circle Logo Buckle Size S • $86
Steve Madden Vala Stud Heel • Steve Madden • $100
Scünci Crystal Headband • Scunci • $16
Outrageous Fortune pleated midi skirt in metallic polka print-Multi • Outrageous Fortune • $60
Liars & Lovers gold t bar multi row short necklace • $20
Caslon® Chunky Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater • Caslon • $79

I love that weird af song, and unfortunately you can’t buy it on Amazon music..

Sucks but hey you can still shop this look! Love this metallic polka dot skirt! I bought on Asos! The shoes just didn’t work out but I linked to a pair that would be fantastic!

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