Coffee break! Sort of..



I am bringing you this post by way of coffee and a good read. Who am I kidding? I try to read this and get interrupted by everyone. I swear I shall be 90 by the time I read this book again or the Silmarillion. Crap, I was reading The Fault in Our Stars again and got interrupted even when the lad was down for a nap or in bed.

I just want to read. Oh well.

I started writing this post earlier in the day only to get side tracked by birthday party stuff. You know, make the food for the next day, get the decorations, pop a balloon or two before getting them in the car. Yeah, and no time for coffee.

I also was trying out a new necklace that I got from Lookbook store.




It’s a pretty big necklace and it looks better in person than in the picture online in their store. Looks great with black.. One thing it is a heavier necklace and my little guy didn’t like it cause he couldn’t snuggle with me wearing it.  It is adjustable and the clasp seems strong enough. I have been having this obsession with statement jewelry.I am also trying out wearing the Nyx butter lip balm under the Milani lip gloss to see if the stickiness is as bad(pet peeve) and it is an awesome combo.

Well that is all for today. I hope you have a great weekend!! Much Love and happy Caturday!!




I have no idea what my cat is doing. He loves shoes. Cats and their logic…..I tell ya.


  • Molly March 8, 2015 at 6:27 AM

    The blue is very pretty on you. 🙂

    There is just something about cats and shoes lying around. I turn around for one second and mine is propped up against them looking like there is no other place she would rather be.

    • Stephanie March 8, 2015 at 1:09 PM

      Thank you!!! Yeah. Cats are just weird creatures. Lol


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