Chocolate covered peeps, yeah I went there.

No, I didn’t buy them. I made them! I bought plain bunny peeps and dipped them in chocolate!


I bought the peeps and then used chocolate chips. How did I do it? Well I shall tell ya.

You will need peeps, bunnies are best.
Semi sweet chocolate chips.
2 bowls one a size smaller than the other.
Wax paper
Small cookie sheet to put in fridge
First put waxed paper on the cookie sheet and put in fridge.
In the microwave heat a bowl of water. Then top with the smaller bowl. This will make a slow and steady heat. Which is great for great dipping chocolate. Add a handful of chocolate chips. Stir with a whisk or fork. When melted we need to temper it. So add another handful of chips. Stir until smooth and glossy. Perfect now it is time for peeps. I have tried it with fresh from the box peeps but a slightly stale peep is best.what?! yes, I know. That sounds gross. But, trust me when I say you will be grateful. As the fresher ones tend to smoosh down too much. You need a firmer peep. So, poke a hole in the packages and let them sit a day. It will be easier and better.
Now, grab the bunny by the head and dip in the chocolate. Set on wax paper. Continue to dip and place. When the sheet is all full stick in the fridge, these would make a great bouquet. I plan on doing this. But, you will have to wait.

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