Blackheart BEauty iridescent polish review

Blackheart Beauty Iridescent Nail Polish.

Blackheart BEauty iridescent polish reviewWhen I was ordering my Bush tee(you can read that here)I decided to browse about Hot Topic’s site and saw nail polishes. I was kind of in love with the skull bottles being October and all, and secondly I remember Hot Topic having a really good nail polish back when I was in High School. Yes that was eons ago but the memory was there. So, I thought why not! The colors looked so pretty online and guess what when I got them in, the colors were just as pretty. After one use of the grey I was hooked. I needed to know, who is Blackheart Beauty and gosh darnit why haven’t I heard more about them?

Blackheart BEauty iridescent polish reviewWell, Blackheart Beauty is Hot Topics best selling makeup brand. The polish is cruelty free and another thing is it is super affordable! I got the trio, but you can also buy them individual! So the colors, lets look up close.

Blackheart BEauty iridescent polish reviewThis is the iridescent peacock, it is a dark pearlized blue,black, and green polish. It goes on well and only needs two coats of polish to work right. All three shades only need 2 coats of polish. I used them over a ORLY top2 bottom coat.

Blackheart BEauty iridescent polish review

This is such a pretty lavender color, but it is pearlized too and has a nice blueish undertone. Which is really pretty. It is just called Light purple iridescent, the names they choose are sometimes on the simple descriptive side. I’m good with that. Blackheart BEauty iridescent polish reviewTo be more with the fall, I opted for the grey iridescent. This iridescent nail polish has such a pretty grey hue with a tint of blue. Looks so pretty on and one thing is for sure, the polish doesn’t chip as well as others. This stuff stays on really well! Right on par with some of my Essie polishes! So, if you are looking for a new polish to try go to Hot Topic and give Blackheart a whirl!!! It wont disappoint you! I know I am going to go back for more and guess what they also have bath bombs!

Blackheart BEauty iridescent polish review




  • Roxanne October 10, 2017 at 3:18 PM

    What fun packaging! My husband used to shop at Hot Topic back in high school. What a blast from the past!

    • Stephanie October 10, 2017 at 8:24 PM

      I went online for a band tee and saw the polishes, I remember them being good. i am glad I got some!

  • Carrie at Curly Crafty Mom October 11, 2017 at 3:21 AM

    I love the bottles and I also love that gold spiked pumpkin!


    • Stephanie October 11, 2017 at 10:38 AM

      THank you me too CArrie! They are aamazing!!!! PErfect for this time of year


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