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Sue Devitt pressed powder featured in a Glossybox

Sue Devitt pressed powder featured in a Glossybox

This glorious powder is one I had recieved in a GlossyBox, which is a monthly makeup club where you get samples of perfumes,and other cosmetics. I got this powder and a few other things in that box that I wrote about earlier in a Glossybox Time!! post. Normally this power runs $28 and it features the use of many botanicals. It is a shine reducer and absorbs oil. And may I say it does all of that well. To the point you dry up. The triple C-Weed powder has photo-finish tech and will not Ghost you out in family photos. Are there any draw backs? Well yes, it doesn’t always play well with others. What do I mean? Well, when I used the powder over my Chanel Foundation, it separated. It also transfers, what that means is if you hug someone it will come off onto their clothes. My baby has had clothing powdered. If it is worn alone, it doesn’t always do that. So, be weary. Other than that, this pressed powder is a great thing to have in your makeup bag.

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