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Hi neighbors, I don’t know about you all but I am getting a tad stir crazy.And while I love being at home, I really do miss the adventures my kids and I had out of the home. I say that and want to just curl up in a ball because of pain, periods are fun right?  And days like this all you want to wear is loungewear, t shirt, and joggers.  You feel bloated and everything hurts and you are dying.  These are the days where all that makes you happy is comfy clothes, true crime documentaries or YouTube videos, chocolate,and pizza. Mmmm pizza! 

Loungewear is great for day’s like this especially if a matching set, like this pink set from Femmeluxe Finery. I have a mint set too, but am bloated so it doesn’t fit right. You’ll see it on my instagram, @glamorousandgeeky along with the rest of my Femmeluxe Finery haul. Or it could be I am too fat for the crop top loungewear set. Yikes. It is a size 12/14 , it could just be a simple fit doesn’t work with my body type. Which is ok. We can’t wear it all, am I right? The top also doesn’t fit well over my boobs so there is that, which could run under the whole period situation. 

My comfy haul of stay at home clothes also included a leggings and t-shirt set, which is super comfy and you can feel put together in it by adding awesome accessories and shoes. Heels or sneakers look great with it! The fit was good too and I appreciate the light fabrics in this heat. Not that I went outside at all. I mean come on, it is like 900 degrees outside and humid as ever. The humidity makes it worse so much worse.yuck. 

 My next fave look is a cute graphic T-shirt and who doesn’t love the pink leopard print? It is epic and beautiful! Love the fun print and I can not wait to style it with my new pink wig, yeah that is another post. I am going to try to shoot it with a pink wall too, and hope it works! It needs the all pink treatment and the pink loungewear set too! So fun! I want to make a flower wall! Ok I need to stop jumping around.

These pieces from Femmeluxe Finery are perfect for these stay at home COVID living. Staying home really is the best option, if you have to go out , please wear a mask. Been seeing way too many COVID Karen and ken running around stores with mask policy not wearing a mask. My guess is they wear one in and take it off once in a store. They make me so mad, the entitlement. The freaking entitlement of them, I just don’t get it. Anyways, I’m going off and need to take a breather. A breather while wearing comfy clothes. 

I tell you, I wore the pink loungewear set all day in bed yesterday while watching Bailey Sarian on YouTube and also Hoarders and then Bob Ross. I was in no mood really to go anywhere until I saw I was out of Midol and the littlest had 4 diapers left. Anyone else call them diaddes? Pronounced die dees. 

No? Oh. Any who for some reason I changed into my black leggings lounge wear set and went to Target where I saw the elusive COVID Karen and Ken walking around Target with no mask. A$$holes. I loved the outfit with my black mask and leopard print tennis shoes.

thank you Femmelux finery for sponsoring this post! Clothes provided for review.

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