Assassin’ Creed pirates. Journey started.


Oh what fun! Ok, so this game has been the App Store game of the week for a while now. It is free but offers in game purchases. It easy to get started on and can be synced to Facebook. Your friends will be able to see you play,check your progress, and so on. Caution, sometimes when you post achievements to Facebook it crashes.


You start out with a smaller boat to captain but as you move up and level you can upgrade your ships. Basically it is not so different from the Black flag set up there.

The controls are simple, you can swipe your thumbs or fingers on the screen to move the wheel, or tilt the phone or tablet to get the wheel to turn. You use tap and slide to maneuver cannons and dodge attacks.


It is really addicting, and fun. Not only that but you get a crew of merry pirates ready for plundering. They sing the same songs from Black Flag.
I will post more as I go along,so far this is what I got. I’ll post more later.

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