Anxiety take over

Has this happened to you? You get the courage to go to an event. You hype yourself up and have micro panic attacks up to the event. Even while driving. Then during the event you become a bubbley extrovert in contrast to your introverted self. And then on the way home the monster, we will call her Gina, shows her horrid face and you end up questioning every thing you did.

I said to myself “did I say the wrong things?” Even if I know deep down I didn’t. “Did I say anything offensive?” “Was I too loud?” “Did i talk too much?” “Did I talk too little?”
“Oh my god I was such a weird dork!None of those people will ever talk to me again!”

These are things I relentlessly beat myself up with. It is horrible. And it is something a lot of people with anxiety deal with.

So how do you deal with it? How do you handle it? I was told to think of someone you admire, that you could look to for inspiration on how to give yourself a boost. And I wish I had the strength and IDGAF attitude of Erika Jayne .


I wish I could stop that voice from going off in my head. And hopefully one day I can at least by working one day at a time shut her up!

My little was trying everything he could to get into that Damn fountain, and so his wiggling ended up with pictures like this, which is hilarious! And it shows how I can be calm and cool on the outside but inside I am a screaming and full of anxiety.

How do you handle things like that? When you go out and meet people or try to make new friends do you beat yourself up after?

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