And they say inflation does not exist.

Inflation is a lot like Santa Claus.  Why? Because many economists think Inflation does not exist.  Ok well it does. Here is some proof. Take these children books by Golden Books. Or A little golden book.

a little golden book: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

That book was from when my siblings were really little, before me. The book was $.69. Yes, 69 cents for a book. Wow.

A little golden book

This is from my being a little girl. Back in the late  80’s and early 90’s. The book was only 99cents. Whoa. A little Golden book for that price is still great.


This is from 2007 and let me show the price.

$2.99 in 2007. Inflation proof at it’s finest. People wonder why no one reads? Well, books like that run $4.99 and up. Some children can not afford it. Books are important and even though ereaders like Amazon’s Kindle Fire and  Barnes and Noble’s Nook put books at your fingertips.Both can be purchased at BestBuy if you don’t want to wait on mail. I use site to store a lot. Back on topic though. Think about how much fun it is for a child to feel the pages or pop up the pictures.  Don’t get me wrong I love Kindle and the books I do get. But it is fun watching my son turn pages and pretend to read his books. Even baby books.

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