Adventure town.


Adventure town,free on Google play

This is a game that was on Google play’s top free games. Adventure town is a cute tap game based around growing your village. Not only that but this video game has you keeping your town safe from monsters. You can take on missions and go exploring while defeating monsters with your customized characters.  The drawback is you have to pay to send them to fight. You get to plant crops and craft materials. There is also a way to level up weapons. Right now my fave is a candy cane staff, level 15. It is one brutal item. Adventure Town is a fun game but, it is a lot like tap city just with more to do. You also do not have connect to Facebook. Just like Jurassic Park, this game is fun and I am enjoying it.


Adventure town

As far as Xbox games? I am dying to try the newest installment of Assassin’s Creed. My father was enjoying it on the Ps3, so I wonder if the game will be ok on Xbox 360. Sometimes one game’s graphics do not transfer over to a different system well. As is the case in Plants vs Zombies 2. Great on iPad, kind of a glitch monster on Android systems.


Plants vs Zombies 2

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