Adorable clothes, got to try! Sheinside.

Happy Thursday everyone!

I got my most recent order from and as promised here are some of the great things I got from there.

Gold diamond peacock stud earrings

These earrings are pretty heavy duty. I love the double clasp on the back. They are so much prettier in person the picture doesn’t do them justice. Here at sheinside.

Black long sleeve backless bow shirt


This shirt was super comfortable and will be a must for fall! I love it! You can get here

White floral pleated skirt

This skirt is very sweet and it is very well made. It is in fact part of my outfit of the day! I am in love with this skirt. I feel so glam in it! You can get it here.

White sleeveless chiffon bow shirtI already know what skirt and pants to pair this with and can not wait to try it! This shirt is just so sweet and perfect! I guess I have a thing for bows, inner child? Maybe, but you can get it here.

white elastic belt


I paired this belt with a cute pink dress and it looked amazing! This belt will definitely dress up any dress. You can get it also from

The great thing about this is they offer a variety of different clothes to suit just about everyone and anyone’s fashion sense. If you want retro they have it, if you are looking for something edgy or trendy, they got it, and if you need something for a formal event, they have that too! Sheinside is a great place to shop online and so far I have not been disappointed so far.




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