A Toddler and his art.


Hi there friends! Happy Tuesday! Wow, a multiple post kind of day huh? This was too much fun not to share. I have been thinking about filling up my walls here with some art. And rather than buying some I thought I would make some! Or at least let the tiny child make it. What fun! He loves to finger paint and We love making messes and what could be better than combining the two!? NOTHING!


We used Crayola Finger paints and some canvas. We used a latex covered piece for the base to protect the floor and regular uncoated Canvas to paint. The coated stuff doesn’t really like water based washable paint.  We had so much fun and he got to get insanely messy and be a rowdy kiddo. He loved it and these make great presents. My family loves getting his art! So much they hang it on the walls. His great grandparents proudly show them off.


The giant canvas is currently drying in the garage as that was the only place I could dry it without a tiny child trying to paint again. I got the idea from letting him paint all the time before, and also I saw the Real Housewife Yolanda Foster have friends and family paint the artwork in her home. And you know what I like that idea! I am going to paint all of our names in Elvish(Geek remember?) and put them on a wall with other small canvas paintings Until the whole wall is covered.

One thing I can not wait to hang this on my wall. I am so proud! Any other paint mediums do you think he would like or what you would like to see the little lad paint?  We may try paint brushes next and carved out potato stamps. WE have made paint from scratch before here

Stay tuned there will be more!




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