A moment to me, gwtting the nails did.


All greek to me and pure ice dazzle me

This what I’m using today. Well, they are. I am here at Star nails in the O.C. fl. I like it so far. Small place and a small waiting room. So small that it would be rude for someone to put their bag and shawl down on a chair so no one could sit. Thanks ladies. Anyways, snobbery aside; I can not wait to get my set back. My nails are a disaster. Peeling and cracking they almost as unsightly as the pimples on my chin (twhanks hormones). All jokes aside, I feel nakid without them and this friends is part of my much needed “me” time.#mamaneedsabreak Baby man is home with daddy bear and hopefully they won’t destroy the house or hurt each other. They play rough.

I hope I keep up with my New year’s resolution of keeping myself the prissy me who dresses up to go to the grocery store. #shopaholic

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