A great sale at The children’s place!

I love a great deal on fashion, even baby boy fashion. I got some amazing deals at The Children’s Place. I got this shirt below for $4 and got an extra 25% off. I got some other great items; I got my baby some new pants, a birthday boy shirt, and some new jams.

I love the moon shirt it is so cute! As well as being a funny shirt, I can not wait for it to come in the mail!


I love these deals the pants were $10 on sale and I got an extra 25% off! Shopping online for my son is so much fun! Who am I kidding? I love shopping online for clothes period . It is relaxing and fun! I just love stalking Bluefly.com , The Children’s Place, and heels.com . I am wanting new shoes, so why not? I also have frequented H&M store online, now that they have their online shop open(finally) I can buy some great pieces. But, The Children’s Place is a great place for me to go, there is no size guess work. He is easy to shop for and looks freaking cute in everything. Plus, The Children’s Place clothes consign well.
So be sure to check out The Children’s Place for baby gear!

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