A day out // wearing Farmrio

I did it, I took the munchkins to Disney Springs without daddy or anyone else helping me. I did the thing,the thing that a lot of people said I cannot do.
“You can’t handle both boys there!”

um yes, actually,I can and will. And so I did. At the time we were having our new floor(finally) put in and my kids can not help themselves and want to “pitch in” to “help” . And by help I mean get in the way! So to avoid that, I took the boys out for some summery shopping .

So we went to Disney Springs in Orlando. And reason being, they take safety from the virus very very seriously. I’m talking stormtroopers seriously.

Masks are mandatory, unless eating and drinking. In Orlando,Fl masks are mandatory anyways, Disney just really enforces it. Only 2 garages are open. So go and get there before 9:40am and you will get parking. Many stores are open and a lot are still closed. You will have only one way in or out and there is only a certain amount of people allowed in at a time. Restaurants are set up for social distancing. The place opens at 10 am and closes early I believe.

we had a great time with only 1 or 2 hiccups. But over all a great day of shopping and eating.

I decided to wear my Farmrio dress and it is such a fantastic dress(you can rent it too,btw here)it is a perfect summer dress. Can be worn off shoulder or as I have worn it. I got a lot of compliments on this cute gown. And you will too!

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