50 randomfacts sbout me

50 random facts about me.

Hi there friends! I was asked by Crystal of Prettykittyblog to take part in a fun little project with some other fabulous bloggers http://www.kendracurvy.com/2017/06/11/50-random-facts-tag/Kendra Curvy  and Searching For Lola, where we come up with 50 facts about ourselves. SO, I thought it would be fun! I figured it would be fun. And well, a way to get to know some of my fellow bloggers better and you all to get to know me better.

So here we go. 50 facts, pull up a chair and your coffee we may be here a while.

50 facts!

50. I am terrified of spiders. So much so I will trap it in a glass cup and wait for my husband to get rid of it, by taking it back outside. If I have to handle it myself you can bet your butt I will scream bloody murder the entire time I am dealing with the foul creature.

49. I am married! Yup. Been married for quite some time. 2009.

48 I have a little which you all have seen on the blog. He is my only child (so far) and he is the center of my world. And the reason the blog sometimes seems a bit over the place. I run around with him to dr appointments a lot. He has autism.

47. I once during high school thought I was late for school so I got up and got dressed. Then ran for the bus stop. It is dark when I went to school to the bus stop so I didn’t realize the problem. Until half way down the street and found out by looking at my watch that it was infact still 10pm and I had just went to bed. WOW. Laugh away friends. I do.

46. I had braces for 6 years and had 3 oral surgeries. it was a long and painful process.

45. I remember when MTV played music videos. I watched them a lot.

44. I once told my mom when watching MTV that Steven Tyler’s mouth was so big you could put an apple whole into it. I remember this vividly as I was sitting on the floor watching MTV(per usual)

43. I can play the flute!

42. I used to do ballet as a kid.(who didn’t)

41. I have 2 cats and a dog. My cats were both abandoned strays. And I think they knew that I saved them. Because they are always up my butt. I am never left alone. Ever. I mean ever. My dog is a purebred American Eskimo.

40. I love donuts! Seriously check my instagram.

39. I have a coffeeInstagram. See above.

37. Speaking of MTV, I watched Sledgehammer music video as a kid and it gave me nightmares. GO youtube it and see why. I just cant.

36. I am petrified of clowns. Seriously petrified.

35. fave cereal is Captain Crunch(don’t judge)

34. If I could own any designer handbag, it would not be a Chanel at first. I would buy myself something amazing from FENDI. They have been a brand I love since I was a wee one.

33. If I love a book enough I will buy it 3 ways. Hardback, paperback, and digital. Although I have stopped doing the paper back with hardback. I just do digital and hardback. Ran out of bookshelves.

32. I read encyclopedias for fun when I was younger. I am a plethora of useless knowledge.

31. I’m from St Louis, MO

30. my fave band is Greenday

29. second fave band is Bush and then nirvana. Bush sixteen stone was one of the first CD’s I bought with allowance, If memory serves.

28. I love video games.And I have played almost every major console. starting from Atari then up to where we are now XboxOne. I have played the PlayStation 4 at my parents. But I am Xbox girl.

Xbox made me a thing

Xbox made me a thing

27.  I am actually really shy. I may seem like I could be a very extroverted person. Reality is I am not.

26. I read fanfic every now and then. Thanks Tumblr.

25. I used to work at Clinique.

24.  I would love to go to fashion week one day, a fashion blogger’s dream

23. I want to go to E3! AHH! For those who do not know it is a huge electronic show. Where you can get previews for upcoming games and tech!

22. I have 4 siblings

21. I am going to try and take part in Extra life this year. I am part of a guild for it now.

20. I love doing walks for Easter Seals and Autism speaks to raise awareness and money for them.

19.  fave Disney movie is Lion King.

18. I hate the movie Cinderella and Snow White by Disney. Why? NO ONE is that nice. Seriously. This is what happens when you read the fables before hand. Although I love little mermaid and such. Just can not watch the other two.I do not know why it irks me so much.

17. It drives me crazy(speaking of Disney) that no one calls Sleeping beauty by her name Aurora. Hell even Briar Rose…Nope Sleeping beauty. And the first dress was blue, not pink. I think they did pink to cater to the little girlies. BLUE!

OOTD off shoulder ruffle shift dress

16. I dressed like Elsa 2 Halloweens in a row. Hand made the costume. Thinking about being Aurora, but will order the dress instead. Because don’t have time for that. Or may go as Galadriel. I am not sure.

15. Fave holiday is Christmas. I am a holiday décor enthusiast. I want all the lights. But hubby puts that in check for me as does the power bill. And the music too.

14. Second fave holiday is HALLOWEEN. Because I can feel like a kid again and dress up! And…candy. And I can listen to Time warp and not feel weird about it!

13. I always have music playing whether it is video game music, rock, pop, or classical. I loved MTV as kid and when I was growing up I would record the radio station playlist with a tape recorder and listen back later so I had the music.

12.  I have now been through several hurricanes. They can be really scary and REALLY boring. And hot. no power sucks.

11. I love the beach but am terrified of the water. I can swim really well. it is just the marine life that terrifies me.

10. I once had an alligator in my backyard at an old place we were living at. Yup.

09. I have to change several times a day, not because of blogging. Because I have a kid and am a klutz.

08.  I have been blogging since 2009 but never took it seriously. Until my little was born. Then I shifted to serious blogger mode and never looked back. I hope to one day be able to add more financial support with it. As one would.

07. I love baking a lot.  I will get bored and whip up a cake or something.  I rarely post recipes on the blog though.  I suck at taking food pics.

06. I’m not naturally blonde. I think that’s obvious.  Hahah. I secretly want to die my hair blue or pink.

05. I live vicariously through other’s tattoos. I am too much of a chicken shit to actually do it. And probably would never. But if I did I would have a  quote by Tolkien on my inner arm “not all who wander are lost…” and in elvish. Huge Tolkien fan.

04. The real housewives franchise is my crack. I watch it in secret. Hahah.

03.  I suffer from depression and anxiety. Who doesn’t but I do go through bad bouts of it. And try to stay off meds with yoga and relaxation techniques. But sometimes that doesn’t work so I end up on meds temp. Never be afraid to get help.

02.  I think distressed is cute on other people but not me😥. I would be constantly picking at the holes and then be worries the whole day that they are not ok. My OCD would kick in and ruin everything.

01. I am 32 years old.  And it is my birthday month.


  • Molly June 11, 2017 at 4:09 PM

    So much fun learning more about you! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Stephanie June 11, 2017 at 4:56 PM

      Thank you Molly!!!!!

  • Crystal June 11, 2017 at 6:33 PM

    We have a lot in common. Reading through your facts…omg that is so me lol

    • Stephanie June 11, 2017 at 7:43 PM

      HAhaha! That is awesome! 😀


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