25 days of Christmas! Day 1 Alvin and the Chipmunks

Hey guys! It is day 1 of this new project and as promised here is the movie I picked for day one. Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas!

Made in 1987, this not so known holiday classic was made by Chuck Jones (think Looney Tunes) and centers around the crazy little singing Chipmunks. This holiday story is about where Alvin is needing to learn about the spirit of Christmas, after a bit of misunderstanding between him and Dave. He over hears a young girl and her mother talking about a sick little boy. Alvin feeling sad for the kid, gives him a really great present. Only to need that item back. So he tries to go about getting another one just like it. You will have to watch it and see!

I remember watching this cute little movie as a kid. Every Christmas I would watch it on VHS a tape we put several Christmas movies on. So I first would watch that then the Grinch. But I am linking to the kind soul who uploaded it to Youtube!

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