Yellow blouse,striped skirt, and sunny weather. Shoes optional.

yellow blouse and striped skirt. Yellow backless bow blouse (on sale!!!!)

Skirt HM similar here

Shoes here

OOTD. Yellow and hm

I know, I know it is supposed to be fall. But, it is still feeling like July. So, I am going to dress like it!  I love bright colors and of course I have an obsession with striped skirts, dresses,shirts, and everything else.
yellow OOTD

And yes, I know I need lipstick. Well, I have one tube left as my little man decided to play in them. There are lipstick stains in the carpet and he has stains on some of his clothes. There is a stain on his arm and leg from the Revlon Lipbalm stain.I had a very short time to get pictures done. The weather here is so crazy. We heard thunder in the distance and then looked up. Black storm clouds rolling in. YAY! More rain. The grass will love it as you can see there. In fact, it was such nice grass that shoes became optional. It was so much fun stomping around. We left feet marks and my little man was having a blast.  It was like walking on a pillow. Ahh summer…wait, it is fall right?

Oh, and before I forget. I will be making my own costume for Halloween this year. I am making my own Elsa costume as I HATE the ones in the stores. I ordered a pattern from the company McCalls for less than stores(with shipping). I will take pics of my journey of making this thing and maybe videos of adding sequins and glitter. Not sure. I am also going to need to order “the One ring”….no I don’t have that yet. And the leaf of Lorien for my son’s Frodo costume. Yes, Halloween is coming! And this Elsa can not wait.



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