Xbox one fitness, day Two of Jillian Michaels.

This is a great and really intense workout. It works out your hips, buns, and thighs. Which after having a baby is just as important to get back into shape as the abs. Or if you want to get into swimwear shape this is a great workout. Xbox one is more than just a gaming system;it is a fitness center, movie center, and another way to keep I touch with people. I love the fitness as I haven’t found a game to play for myself other than Assasins Creed Black Flag. I posted on my other blog mama’s logue about this workout, and have only been able to make it to 4 minutes. Today I have achieved greatness! I made it to 25 minutes of workout, I would have gone longer but the boy kept waking up. I try to work out at his nap time. If I can not I work out with him. Funny thing is Xbox one tries to pick him up on the Kinect . Obstacle in the way, haha. #babyproblems

This intense workout is just what I needed. I feel recharged as well as wobbly like a jelly. The above shows my score at the beginning.


My heart rate and other things are kept track of, for instance if you get behind it tells you to speed up. Or if you aren’t working the right muscles it corrects you via the Kinect. Pretty sweet.


I love getting the achievements and getting new tasks to complete, it makes me feel like I hAve quite the virtual trainer. Thanks Xbox fitness, you are getting this mama back into shape!

best quote:”those Twitter comments really piss me off!” Jillian michaels on Killer hips,buns,and thighs, Xbox fitness. Speaking about how some people complain it was not a hard enough workout.

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