Wow, a good deal on Baby Clothes.

I love Gymboree and I love The Children’s Place , to shop for some great things for my baby. And today I found a before Black Friday Preview! I got my baby some new clothes sizes 9-12 months and it is all great stuff. Including this little outfit, that I got for $11.00 with an extra 25% off. Pre-Thanskgiving Sale! Save 25% off Everything! Use coupon code TURKEY25 . For $30 I got several pieces of clothes including something for him to wear Christmas Eve. I didn’t even have to go to the mall for that. Ahh, saved gas and 25% plus, if you register for The Place club you get 250 points to start. Which didn’t show up on my account yet. It isn’t a credit card it is the club.

Best gift blanket sleeper by the children’s place.This is definitely how I feel about my son.


I love being able to save money where it counts and feel ahead. He needed some new clothes and I was able to get it done. Now, for Gymboree I plan on looking around Saturday for in store savings. I like to shop The Children’s Place online for babies. They have more online exclusives. And you need to look out baby boy tab on the webpage will take you to toddler clothes. If you need something for a baby up to 12 months to 18 months, you will need to go to the Newborn section.  I can not wait to get his new clothing in the mail!

There is a girl’s version of the sleeper.

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