Woodsy Walks

Woodsy walk


I love walks where the weather is nice and cool. Walks where there is a breeze and life is just standing still. Where all you see are trees and peace a quiet. Even though it is a populated area, it seems no one is ever outside.

We( should say me, he sits in the stroller) go for a 3 mile walk each day. It is an excuse to getting out of the house and since we have a community mail box, it is a great way to fit in a nice walk with getting the mail. My Xbox One game is still not here. Bummer.

The thing that I love about this time of year is people start decorating for the holidays. However, I have yet to see any Halloween stuff. Last year places were already decorated in September. This year not so much. Late start?  And speaking of Halloween and all its fun, I will be piecing together my Elsa costume Sunday! Which I am excited about! And I have to get the finishing pieces for my little Frodo. My family is doing a LOTR themed thing and I am running around as Elsa. Go me and my family cooperation. Really, I guess I could have gone as Galadriel. But, nah. I wanted to do this instead.

I hope that late Sunday or early Monday I will have pictures up on the blog of the progress.

Getting this for my little man for his costume and he loves The Hobbit.

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