Winter cleaning, cleaning out the closet.

my dream closet

my dream closet

I have been on full gear cleaning out my closet. I have been getting rid of my maternity clothes and clothes that I know I will never fit into again. You know how it is after baby, things change. And as Mammie said to Scarlette “Miss Scarlet, you just done had a baby. You ain’t never gonna have a 17 inch waist again”  She was certainly right. Hips move and shift and loose skin is so much fun to plan an outfit around. So, much fun and I can not wait to go shopping next Saturday. I will be going to H&M, Express, and Macy’s for sure. Mama needs some pants that fit and some new pencil skirts. I am sure there will be some great deals. Now,I know what you are thinking, no black Friday?! No. I want to stay home on black Friday. I always get hurt, physically thrown out of car, run over by old people in Target. The only reason I would go is to get the Galaxy note by Samsung from AT&T. I also, want to go to Gymboree for my boy. They are having super sales that weekend. People seldom realize that the Black Friday deals extend into Cyber Monday. And really are the door busters that worth it? When I worked for Clinique the store that I was in had NO door busters at all.

Saturday is a girls day out shopping with my mother and nieces.We will head to the teenager’s playground;the mall. I will be looking for new jeans, pencil skirts, skirts, pants, shirts, and other things that will fit. And of course a pit stop by COACH to drool. I got the new COACH store ad and it is gorgeous. So, yes I have a shopping list, for me. I deserve it. I am a great mom, wife, and eBay store owner; I deserve a treat. I will be sure to post pics of the day. One week to go until Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, and the holiday movie marathons.


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