Why I cancelled Rent The Runway

I first started using Rent the Runway before the massive outbreak of covid. I loved being able to pick out as many items i wanted a month with their glorious unlimited plan. It was great being able to switch up my wardrobe without purchasing and purchasing. It was my content creating dream. And filled me with my shopping satisfaction. I loved being able to try so many beautiful clothes and of things I normally could not have. Things were great but like all good things, it had to come to an end.

That’s when I saw The open letter to their community. It is an epic eye rolling read. And the comment section is full of others who feel we are all getting duped for the sake of the almoghty dollar. Taking away unlimited items, upping the price, charging many for shipments with their current unlimited plans, clothes arriving dirty and damages, the items taking forever, and many calling out Rent the runway for assuming consumers that have been part of their plan for months to years are dimb enough to feel they are going to benefit from some of their price increases and less items.
The benefit isn’t for us. It is for them. Which I get but without us there is no THEM.

I get that this isnt the airport that I do not need to announce my departure… but damn. My cancellation is more than being pissed over price. This order my dress(the one i have on) STUNK, like sour nastiness ! After dry cleaning it with dryel It was better. The sequin pants I couldn’t even wear! There was a hole going down the side of the leg! Disappointment followed and I decided nope, no more. also there is no customer rentention. You say I am out and they are like see ya!No “What can we do to keep your service?” Even Att has that!
So if you are thinking of Renting from Rent the runway, take a moment and read the comments on Facebook. It may save you $200 a month and some stinky dresses.

you can BUY what I am wearing

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