SHEIN shorts and body suit, shein sandals and hat

When you can’t wear it, #flatlay it!

SHEIN shorts and body suit, shein sandals and hatWhen something fit and then doesn’t what can you do? you FLAT LAY the hell out of it! What does that even mean? Well, it means you put the whole look you wish you were wearing right now and take pictures of it! Like this one I did here. The thing is with my swelling and such, wearing things that are cute and such like this are not in the question. I get uncomfortable and it is just annoying and embarrassing for me. Let us not even talk about how I looked in pictures from a 4th of July event. I just hate them. I don’t look like me. I don’t feel like me, and I hate this feeling.

Anyways, enough of the self pity party. Lets talk about this outfit. What you see here is a body suit from Shein matched with some cute striped shorts also from shein. An outfit I picked out to wear with these sandals from where else SHEIN, and the hat too. My bag is from Amazon. I loved the scalloping on the suit and thought it would look great with the short. To me this is an outfit that screams summer time! Now if only I could wear it this summer, so far I can’t and so it is waiting for me to stop being sick. I am personally tired of wearing nothing but yoga pants and baggy tees. It makes me not even wear makeup and I just stop taking care of myself and looking put together. I am a hot mess 99% of the time now. And that is not me. I am all for comfy time and clothes, but I need to get up and dressed. It is hard to be a fashion blogger when outfits you bought one week don’t fit the next because of an awful problem you have no control of. It is hard to get out and take pictures when you become overly scrutinizing of how you look in the photos. Hence, the flatlay photo!

This outfit is one I am DYING to wear, you guys. And I can’t and it is killing me. Just killing me.

Has this ever happened to you?

Shop my outfit:

Shorts: sold out love these here

Body suit:SHEIN $5!

Sandals: SHEIN


Bag: Amazon

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