When trends don't work, me vs biker shorts #fashionblogger #ootd

When trends don’t work for you. Bike shorts.

When trends don't work, me vs biker shorts #fashionblogger #ootd

Biker shorts, cycling shorts, whatever you want to call these minions of evil of clothing are the trend of the summer. Yes, they are cute worn with a simple button down blouse and a blazer with killer heels. (I fell in love with the style when I saw Dorit wear them on ROBH) So, I wanted to try the trend myself. What did I find?

These shorts are not meant for someone with my weird  body issues and they really make me question reviews on clothes. Reviews by “certified buyers..” did they actually wear them? At first glance, I was like OK cool. Then upon further investigation I noticed that the pants had some issues. Which side was the front and which side was the back? After flip floping them around I thought I knew. But the pants fit all wrong either side. They fit weird on my thighs which annoys me, they sit on my butt weird. And do NOT get me started on how they accentuate my mom tum!

When trends don't work, me vs biker shorts #fashionblogger #ootd

As someone who has self esteem issues and body issues, these shorts made me feel like I was not fit enough to wear. And I found myself arguing with my anorexia again.

The thoughts go “maybe if I do not eat this time,and exercise more…”

“if I skip breakfast and lunch?” “maybe just eat a handful of almonds all day? and exercise,yeah”

Dangerous thinking brought to you by a pair of fucking bike shorts. Say what you want, it is the way the mind works for me. AND I AM NOT SORRY FOR THAT.

Do I hate this trend though that being said? No, no I do not. Because I have seen plenty of women all shapes wearing them, and you know maybe I just got a horrible fitting pair. It could just all be that this trend doesn’t work for me. And that is OK.

When trends don't work, me vs biker shorts #fashionblogger #ootd

Does not mean it doesn’t work for you. And who knows maybe these bike shorts I bought from Amazon just suck out loud.
Shein Rivet Detail Ankle Strap Stiletto Heels • Shein • $19
BaubleBar Great White Stud Earrings • BaubleBar • $16
A New Day Women’s Smoke Sunglasses – A New Day Black • $14.99
River Island White snake chain hoop saddle bag • River Island • $48
H&M – Cycling Shorts – Black • H&M • $17.99  (these are better than the ones I bought.)
BB Dakota Junior’s Interstellar Printed Texture Chiffon top • BB Dakota • $34.08–57.99  (similar to what I am wearig from ZARA)

When trends don't work, me vs biker shorts #fashionblogger #ootd

My 6yr old picked out this bag for this outfit. I think he likes the chain. 🙂

Shop this look(has similar items for the top and shorts)

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