Want to wear graphic tees? GO FOR IT!

Tee from Skreened.com, pants from bluefly.com,L.A.M.B heels Bluefly.com

Mirkwood Guard shirt from Skreened.com, pants,shoes,and bag from Bluefly.com

Want to wear graphic tees? I say go for it! I love having them, I used to have quite a few a while ago but moved away from having a lot of them. But,I love this shirt! I love this hilarious shirt so much I decided to show what I would dress it up with. This shirt by Skreened.com would go fabulously with some gorgeous shoes and a great bag. I love these white shoes, which are very trendy right now and a pop of color in the bag. Who said tees aren’t a necessity? I am wanting to add them back into my wardrobe a bit.

Mirkwood Guard Skreened.com tee here . AG Jeans from Bluefly.com here L.A.M.B heels from bluefly.com here Fendi bag Bluefly.com here


Geeky chic can be a great thing.When all else fails and you are in a hurry this can be a quick fix. Go from the couch to out the door with simple accessory upgrades. Indulge in that bit of humor and fun. Wear the shirt and look great while doing so!

Even H&M showcases graphic tees as part of their fashion inventory. Ahem.


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