What happened to the days of models on the covers? Now this?

Yes, it happened and I got it. In the mail came the issue of Kim and Kanye on the cover of my most coveted magazine. What a thing to get back to after vacation. Why? Why them? Aren’t there more interesting people than that to put on the cover? Seriously would rather see Kate Upton on the cover or have Twiggy on the cover celebrating her as a supermodel from the 60’s. No, we have this. Yay. And as much as I love reality TV, I can not stand this. And I am not the only one. Many people are boycotting the magazine.


Worlds Most Talked about couple…where is Brad and Angelina?
Shouldn’t they get the Vogue cover, considering all the humanitarian work they do? Nope. Let’s give the cover to the lady who almost got eaten by an elephant.

Now, I get why Vogue possibly did it. The controversy. And yes, they have left an impression on all of us. Take them or leave them. She is a beautiful lady and Kanye is well….yeah. Like it or not, this power couple is considered American Royalty and I do not see them going anywhere.


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