Went window shopping.

Have you ever walked by something and it catches your eye? It catches your eye so much that you have to go back and look again. I found the most precious pencil skirt at Target. It was bold and adorable. I could pair it with a simple white blouse and some cute flats or heels for me! I could have paired it with a blue shirt too. Casual or business wear. It could have been either. It would have been very Italian or Russian chic right now, gimme a clutch and off I could go! But no, I left that $15.98 beauty back at Target, the last in my size too. I am thoroughly kicking my own butt for not getting it. Ack and how dumb.

I thought no, I need my costume. And put it back. I put it back. I PUT IT BACK! ARRRRHHHH. I left Target without that and a scarf I fell in love with. Bummer.

Then when I got home I flipped through my Vogue magazine and saw an H&M ad. That is when I remembered they have online shopping now! No longer just a dressing room. One thing Gofashiondealers they do not do pay through Paypal. I need to redo my wardrobe, and H&M and Target is my way to do it.

Merona® Women's Doubleweave Pencil Skirt - Assorted Prints

Merona Women’s Doubleweave Pencil skirt $27

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