Weekend Musings and Mayhem

Hi there friends. Hope your weekend was fabulous! Mine was awesome! I got some family time with my nieces and sister and all was good. We went to IKEA and then the nieces and I went to a mall in Orlando. Was a lot of fun and if you saw my IG you may have seen these bad boys.

GucciOH my stars and garters do I want these! SO bad. SO very very bad. #onedaymaybe

20160723_141841These shoes are gorgeous and once again the staff and YSL were the sweetest people. The Chanel store left once again a bitter taste in my mouth. My nieces have never been in those stores and wow, just wow the impression they give is horrendous. I am not sure if it is this way in every store but we were followed. Not just someone seeing if we needed help but followed so close I could feel the associates breath practically on my neck. Anything I touched she would go up and inspect as if I stole it just then and replaced it like magic. Or that I had chocolate all over my hands and left marks. We were the only ones they acted that way to of people in that store and there wasn’t many in there. There was at least two other sales people in each area of the store sooo WTF lady. Even if I had the money it would have not been spent there that day, not with that attitude. We just wanted to oooh and aah over the gorgeous pink tweeds, the beautiful bags, and shoes. But it felt as if we were being chased out.

Anyways we still had fun even when we went to lunch at PF. Changs and carried around left overs that smelt like someone had bad gas. We all were thinking that the other was having a butt problem, turned out to be the food. We had broccoli.

2016-07-24_19.57.43ps. I was parked waiting on the fam when I caught this guy, DO not play and drive!!!

We had a great time over all did a lot of talking and dreaming and poke hunting. Then I came home and took my little one for a walk around the neighborhood.

IMG_2016-07-22-18222212Told him there was a weedle on him and he acted like there really was. SO cute.

I hope your weekend was fabulous!



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