Want Pampers for $3.33? Check this out. From Mama’s Logue.

Ooooh want Pampers for about $3.33 a bag?

I have been taking my couponing more seriously lately. The reason is money has been tight and when your grocery bill is almost half your money there is something wrong. Especially when there are coupons everywhere! You can save 60-90 % on your food and household goods! My goal is to stock up on stuff and be able to focus all the extra money towards getting out of debt. It can be done, whether you’re a working mom or a SAHM; you can coupon. My sister is a working mom of 3 kids, one hubby, and 7 dogs. She has saved so much, and I am in awe at her mastery. The thing is you have to stick with it, know the policies. Always print them and keep with you. But with enough perseverance and research you can do it!! So ready for my deal I have done?
For people with CVS, get a CVS reward cards!
Diaper deal on PAMPERS.
Cvs is doing a deal on Pampers. They are on sale for $8.99. You can print here on my site coupons for $1.50 off. You may already have some of these coupons before. This will work with Swaddlers too.So buy 2 baby dry and one Easy up(use the $2 off coupon)  so at 8.99 it will be around 26.97. Next buy 4 Dawn Hand renewal dish soaps.  9oz. On sale for .99 cents and here is a link to the coupon for .50 cents off. This will be around 3.96 for that. Total order cost? $30.95. Now Since cvs is doing $10 rewards it is 30.95-10- 7 in coupons. It is just like paying $3.33 on Pampers per bag! Wow!!! Now these rewards may be for next order.  But that is ok. You saved! 
If you haven’t yet, check out Couponmom, started in 2011, it has saved people and myself tons of money! My site helps as well, it helps my blog run and it helps you save! 🙂 Also check out Hopster.com there is a $3.00 off Huggies.
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Disclaimer: THis is from my other blog, Mama’s Logue.

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