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As some of you know, I like to do charity walks and stuff! This time it was for Easter Seals Florida. Last time was for Autism Speaks which you can read about here, it also says in that blog post why this is so important to me! Easter Seals is an organization that helps all sort of children with disabilities. Like Autism. And they have a variety of services for families to get the help they need for the development of their children.

This walk was to raise money for an Aclass charity and non profit. And EAster Seals was able to raise 73,000 dollars!!!! That is awesome!! And if you want to donate there is a button on the side bar!

The walk was a short one, about a mile around Daytona Beach Sweetheart trail around the water and near their baseball stadium. We were invited after for the baseball game! Which we love because I love baseball(fun fact)

For this walk I wore some comfy clothes for walking in. I went not thinking heels and stuff, although there were some that dressed up more. We had to take a picture infront of the green wall green is one of his faves.

Dance dance dance to the disco beat.

Having fun while waiting on the walk. The thing about having a little with ASD is dealing with waiting. Sometimes he can wait well, and other times..not at all. But then a lot of littles are like that.

Now there was an incident that if you ask my parents was awesome, me I was not wanting to do it. There was a conga line while we were getting ready to go for the walk. And the giant turtle was (mascot) leading it and then grabbed my hand and my parents wouldn’t help me( i was in my introvert mood.I have that problem.) So we went around and I was leading…oh my god…Where is an EAGLE to save my ass from this? Nope, Gandalf forsook me. Anyways I humored them…for a minute then sprinted back to the parental units. TO which my mother(love her) said and I quote ” I didn’t know you could sprint!” …..yes mom…I can…very well in fact.  Rule 23 of zombie land….people…cardio!

OR was it rule 32….or wait…

Anyways we went on the walk! And it was so pretty, I want to make the drive to get blog photos there!

Daytona beach sweet heart trailDaytona beach
all the palm trees!

There were so many there to cheer on the participants and free ice cream for the walkers!!!! So many people wanting to raise awareness!

Klondike bar

It made a mess and I looked like a 3yr old after eating it. SO melty and messy.

HE and all these kids are worth it!

So worth it.

To make a charitable donation click


Or to find out more about EASTER SEALS and to find a location near you check out here


Thank you so much friends!

ANd P.S I will be doing EXTRA LIFE too!!!!


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