Waiting room reads, The Reason I Jump.

As a parent of a child with autism, the first thing besides seeing a butt ton of doctors is research. Research and you guessed it more research. Books on top of books, blogs, medical journals and research notes, and almost all are in the parents perspective or the specialists and doctors point of view.

Vary rarely is it from the view of the person going through it. The autistic child themselves. I wanted to know what my son may be feeling, how the world looks to him. And that is when my son’s occupational therapist suggested this book.

The Reason I jump.

This book is a enlightening piece from the eyes of a 13 year old boy from Japan. His experiences put down on to paper in the form of an ongoing interview. It is light hearted and super informative and several spots stayed in my head and I want to share.

When you often see a child alone who is on the spectrum, you may think “OH, they want to be alone. They like it.” His response to this is not only super helpful to me as a mom trying to crack the Pandora’s box that is my sweet 5yr old boy. But it also was heartbreaking, friends, they don’t want to be alone. The reasons behind it make sense,

“It makes me feel desperately lonely.”

Inclusion. Involuntary isolation, anxiety, stress. It is no wonder our kids have meltdowns. This is something he also talks about. It made me think, I can do better. We can do better. And also, is this how my boy feels too? Is this how he feels if someone says that to him, family or not? We can do better.

Their minds are constantly trying to figure things out. It is fascinating. And all of these things happen. My son loves his comfy pants and shorts. He can not have tags, he must have soft jeans. He is going to hate uniforms, the feel and texture may annoy him. He has to wear them, but maybe just maybe he will do alright.

This book was one I read in the waiting room at an appointment for my son. I didnt read the very end the epilogue. Because my boy came out of his appointment.  But this book, this book has made me realize a few things. One being, this 13 yr old boy has a sense of humor and I hope his friends appreciate it.

Kids like him(my son) need nature. They need pets. The pets and nature they feel more connected to and centered. They need to go on walks in nature, they love the greenery and color.  My son loves it so much. They elope because something outside the house needed to be seen. They couldnt let it go. They meltdown for many reasons, but they are not tantrums(which I know and can tell the difference,stop telling me otherwise overbearing on lookers!)They flap for so many reasons, one is filtering light a certain way, this makes sense because my son flaps sometimes close to his face. They draw things in the air to remember things..there is so much more.

The Reason I Jump is a must read. Even if you haven’t a child on the spectrum, or if you are a teacher. Get this book, it may give more insight to their minds more that just a book by a doctor would. Read it and be a part of their world.

The one thing he said constantly was “don’t give up on us.”

I will never ever give up. And I hope you wont give up too.

Thank you for reading.

The Reason I Jump is available on Amazon in paper back, hardback, and digital.

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  • Shelbee on the Edge August 10, 2018 at 7:49 AM

    Stephanie, this sounds like a very powerful and important book. I think everyone should read things of this nature just to get a better idea about all the types of people we will encounter in the world. You never know what others are dealing with when you just pass them by in day to day life. Thank you for sharing this book, your story, and doing your part to educate others. You are one strong momma!


    • Stephanie August 10, 2018 at 8:47 PM

      Thank you so much! I think it is important to raise awareness and understanding for these kids and adults


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