ULTA micro Haul!


Hi friends!! Today on Gofashiondeals I wanted to really share my Ulta micro haul. Why? Because why not! I went in to ULTA for some new concealer and well, I was bad. I got all the things instead of just one thing.

ULTA HAULI got more of my Urban Decay all nighter spray. Which is hands down my fave setting spray. This bottle is $15 at Ulta.

I got the NYX concealer which I used yesterday on my makeup. One side was the NARS the other NYX, the only real different other than price was consistency. NARS is thicker.

Nars vs NYX concealerI think my NArs had more pinky tones.

But both have amazing coverage. At least in my opinion.

NYX liquid suede in cherry skiesI love this color and am so happy I got it!!!! So beautiful! And I wore it yesterday too!

Such a gorgeous shade! And I made a whole YouTube video of this haul as well as spoke of all the pricing in the video!

I love these products and yeah there were other things too like the hair mask which I used and WOW is it amazing! Definitely going to put that in Christmas gifts with the oil! Great stuff!!!!!!!! EEEK so good and it smells amazing!

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ULTA micro haul



  • Molly November 6, 2016 at 1:55 PM

    I always enjoy your videos. You do such a great job! I was just at Ulta today. Ugh…I spent so much I think I need to refinance my mortgage. :p

    • Stephanie November 8, 2016 at 8:06 PM

      thanks Molly!!! its fun!!


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