Tuesday shoe day, Justfab Shanghai.

Hi there my friends! How the heck are ya! I am finally able to post something! The little lad is asleep so that means!

Coffee break! Errr tea break actually. Drinking my favorite tea by Celestial Seasons peppermint. Great for sour tummy or days you need a relaxing beverage. Or perhaps to help with bloat. And my stupid auto correct is trying to spell things that are right wrongly. Um I said great not freak…wth.
So today is about a new pair of shoes or it could be about a pair I have yet to feature. I actually found a pair of wedges. But, today is about a new pair from Justfab.com .




These shoes are so cute and I am glad I got them. The shoes are comfy(important) and very very cute. They can be casual or more dressy. It depends on how you pair them. I love wedges because they are easy to walk in and look great with jeans. I love jeans!
And these were $39.95 with a VIP account.

Shoe Details JustFab Shanghai

  • Approx. Heel Height: 5 1/2″
  • Approx. Platform Height: 1 1/2″
  • Runs True To Size. It really does.

The shoes are adjustable and made from man made fibers. And by adjustable I mean the center part can be tightened or loosened. There is a zip closure in the back.

Only complaint is my foot slipped a teeny bit, but I think that was more my own issue and not with the shoe. Needed to tighten them.

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