Tropical florals for spring. Spring floral maxi dress smart at the outlets #maxidress #floral

Tropicana florals and shopping smart at the outlets

Recently I went shopping at the outlets with a new friend from the UK, I wanted to show her the craziness of American shopping. The outdoor malls the outlets and all of that. Along with Daytona Beach. Which who wouldn’t want to end a day of shopping at Daytona with dinner on the ocean?

Shopping at the outlets, is the way to go. Sales are huge, and the pieces can be such a score. It can be hard not to get swept up in the massive savings. But you really have to look at the tags and then the discount. What makes me buy is when there is a discount on the discount.


At the Kate Spade store, there was a sale of 50% off a lot of the store, then on some items there was an additional 20% off, there were also pieces that were 70% off the marked down price. I found this Cat bag on sale 70% off the reduced price, so I scored big. I got 2 more bags and some charms. But my overall savings were so much that I was just happy.

The new wallet I got was only $20 after the 70% off! The other bag was $50 after the sale! These are great deals. Always think before you buy, is this worth it. Is it an item you have been waiting to go on mega sale? If so then treat yourself!

Tropical florals for spring. Spring floral maxi dress #fashionblog #maxidress #floral

You may find that with the outlets there are some hits and misses. The key is to watch the emails, and if there is an email for a massive sale on some of the outlet like pieces then chances are the outlet is having a huge sale on the things you are looking for.

Thing to keep in mind are some stores, like H&M for example are not going to do an additional discount like Michael Kors and Kate Spade or Coach. Reason is their stuff is already cheap.

And do not buy even if the price is too amazing, unless you are already wanting it. Don’t just buy to buy.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for the outlets! Shopping there can be so envigorating with the deals, but don’t get swept up in it!

Shop some great dresses!

Tropical florals for spring. Spring floral maxi dress smart at the outlets #maxidress #floral

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