Trichtotillomanic,not so good.

I am having the worst time today with my hair pulling. I am actually considering buying a wig for days like this where it is super bad. Maybe a mermaid colored one.Something, this whole thing is making me feel shame, guilt, hatred, and depressed. Ok and the stress it causes on top of my already high stress is not good. And days where I had no sleep the night before it is harder to control. Keeping my hands busy is usually working when I play Xbox or color. But my coloring book is full now. And it am not going to always rely on it.
I feel as though I am loosing the battle. And I hate it.

It takes a lot to share my mental health stories, and I have more to add later. You all have been here for me for a lot of it. And my therapist says it is good to share. Let you know you are not alone. But right now, I feel alone. I am going to go for it though. I am going to get the mermaid wig next month and see if a happy color in Remy hair will help me. I need it. I have read other people with my condition do that too, get a wig. And wear it on bad days or more often. While working on their trichtolillomania.

It is embarrassing, and I hate how it all makes me feel. And how I feel horrible when asked by hair stylists why my hair looks weird in broth pattern. I am a lot too often too embarrassed to say why. Even though a simple explanation would I am sure be met with understanding and empathy. Or you would hope,right? People are cruel many times in my experience when talking about things that are weird to them. The past being treated horribly will do that.

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