toofaced shopping haul

Too Faced cosmetics shopping haul and unboxing.

toofaced shopping haulToo Faced cosmetics has got to be one of my fave brands right now! I love their packaging, I love their products, and I love that these products are things that are cruelty free. And they do have a list on their website of all their vegan products for the vegans, you can read that list here . So, why did I order again? Well, I love their stuff is one reason. The other reason for this order is I got a sample of their Born This Way foundation and I loved it! So, I had to buy it! And buy it I did! And I was out of the mascara Better than Sex mascara. I got a mini in a blush giftset. And it is the perfect travel size because I am going to be traveling a lot this summer. Starting in July a road trip, then in August we are flying up to upstate NY for a week or two.

too faced haulThis haul is a good one. It has that cute blush, the lipgloss, the lipstick mini, the mascara, and mascara remover. OK, and the foundation too! I got a makeup bag too, this is going to house all my TOO FACED.

Love BlushI fell in love with this Love Fool blush set! The little bunnies are too cute and the color is a kaleidoscope of pinks, berries, and peach colors. It is highly pigmented and has shimmer. Looks freaking amazing with highlighter too! And the little brush that comes with the blush is darling! I almost do not want to use it!

Too faced Gloss and lipstickI have been embracing nudes more this summer, but it has to be a richer nude color. There must be a pigment of some sort in it, can not be that pale color. If it is too pale I look like I am out of blood. Seriously. I look sickly. I need a splash of color.

Too FAced haulThe foundation, Born this Way has amazing coverage. Applied with a moisturizer it can be a great small tint of coverage. Applied on it’s own it is medium to full! It is oil free and great for those who have oily skin! I love the way it feels on my skin! And it smells absolutely delicious! Then there is the melt a way mascara. It is not, I repeat NOT a mascara. It removes mascara! I was just complaining the other day, somewhere about how the Better Than Sex Waterproof is a pain in the Ass to remove. This mascara thingy removes it. You brush on over your mascara, wait a minute or two and then wipe away. It nourishes your lashes and gets all that pesky stuff off! This is amazing! WORTH it!

So, over all I am really happy with this haul! You can read my last too faced haul here and here

Next beauty post will be all about samples that left me wanting more. And my empties and pan products. Stay tuned friends!

toofaced shopping haulProducts I bought

Born this way foundation: SNOW

Too faced Love fool set

SAMPLES: mascara Melt off

Crème lipstick

BAg skinny dip London



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