ME time and self care with VII code

Me time with VII code skincare.

ME time and self care with VII codeMe time is so important, necessary in fact. It is for sure a form of self care. And so in today’s blog post I am teaming up with VII code skin care to talk about me time and this amazing 8 hour over night treatment mask! OK, so how does an 8 hour over night treatment constitute as me time? Well, I will get to that. See, me time can be a lot of things. For me personally it can be walking the mall all alone for a bit. But, right now being pregnant I need the pampering kind. And here is where VII code eye mask comes in.

VII Code 8 hour eye mask review on the blog and talking about me time!As a busy mom of a son who is on the spectrum my day doesn’t stop until that little is fast asleep in his bed. So, when that happens I take this time for ME, that all important mass of cells and organs, and stress. And while my hubby plays away on the XBOX(i have my own XBOX do not worry) I get to enjoy my books and my facials. So, I wash my face, get an ice cream or chocolates, and grab the controller or book. I settle on the bed with my massive pregnancy U-pillow and get to working on me. And that also entails face masks or in this case an eye mask. I put it on and let the cool gel do it’s thing while I get a few chapters in my book in before I turn out the lights. While leaving the mask on. And here is the beautiful thing ladies, if you do not have time for a full on at home pampering then just wash that face and put this on before the light goes out.

VII Code 8 hour eye mask review on the blog and talking about me time!So what makes this VII code 8 hour eye mask different? Well it is one you wear over night! So, there is no need to stress about making time in the day for it. Remember those old commercials “Set it and forget it!” This is the same principle except in the morning you will have to take them off. And what I have found once is the mask fell of my face during the night. Now, I do toss and turn a lot right now. Darn this belly and these hips in cronic pain.

VII Code 8 hour eye mask review on the blog and talking about me time!The VII code 8 hour eye mask is so neat since it is a gel, and the gel feels all cool. Cool as in OK this is fun and cool as in the feeling. They do not burn on my face with my sensitive skin I was worried, but there was not an issue with that. No allergic reactions! YAY! And in the morning you wake up feeling more refreshed and so does your skin! This mask helps too with those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. So far I haven’t notice that much difference in fine lines, but I have noticed my under eyes have been more moisturized and brighter. If that makes sense.

ME time and self care with VII codeOver all I think these VII code 8 hour masks are a neat idea and great for that me time for sure. They feel good too and no adverse effects. Have you heard of VII code? Would you wear an over night eye mask?

You can get yours here!


This post was in collaboration with VII Code. All opinions are 100% my own. I thoroughly test products before posting on the blog. And WOW, I am not wearing makeup in this post.



  • Julie N September 30, 2017 at 3:46 PM

    Great post! I love masks that make your face feel great, and, of course, I love ME time! Thanks for joining the linkup! I hope you join us again next week!

  • Glogeworld October 6, 2017 at 1:46 PM

    How many does it come with in a pack

    • Stephanie October 6, 2017 at 5:16 PM

      6 come in a pack.:)


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